Open Atrium 2.43: radix theme tooltip error on javascript

Open Atrium 2.43 (and also some previous versions) is affected by a bug mutuated by radix theme.

A “tooltip” undefined error appears if you open javascript console; this issue, in my case, was causing the Drupal View administration Ajax interface unusable (page is redirected to json content).

As always, there might be better fixes, but the below – until someone decide to fix this up, works:

  1. edit file .profiles/openatrium/themes/radix/assets/javascripts/radix-script.js
  2. comment out:
    // Bootstrap tooltip.
     Drupal.behaviors.radix_tooltip = {
       attach: function(context, setting) {
     // Bootstrap popover.
     Drupal.behaviors.radix_popover = {
       attach: function(context, setting) {
  3. and then refresh cache.