How to Install innotop on Ubuntu 16.04

Fetch innotop from its GIT repository:

sudo apt-get install git
git clone

Install any missing Perl dependency:

sudo apt-get install libclass-db
sudo apt-get install libterm-readkey-perl

Launch Makefile.PL

cd innotop/
perl Makefile.PL

If there no warnings and errors (in case you have to fix other dependencies), proceed with the installation of this good MySQL InnoDB real time monitor:

sudo apt-get install make
sudo make install

Innotop can be launched in several ways, the easiest is to provide, on the command line, username and password (with -u [user] and -p [password]) of a privileged user. Of course you have to consider that this information will remain on your history and on the process description (while running!) - use it only locally and not on production!

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