PGP Online Tools

Key Management

PGP protocol requires a pair of keys (usually referred as public key and private key to work. Please use below module to either generate or paste the keys.

Paste here the PGP public key

Paste here your PGP private key

Search for a public key

One of the advatages of PGP is that the public key is not secret, and can (should!) be uploaded on public key servers like MIT PGP Public Key Server. You can use the below field to query MIT database and fetch a PGP public key starting from a known name or email address.

You should always protect your private key with a strong password, or better with a passphrase!

Encrypt Data

You can now use your public key to encrypt some data. Insert some text (maybe a secret, like a password) into the below textbox and click the Encrypt button. Your plain text will be replaced with the encrypted one, so keep a copy of it elsewhere, if you must!

In case you want to send your encrypted message via email, you can click the copy as URL button. The encrypted message will be transformed as a valid URL (which can be copied into an email) that can then be used to easily decrypt the message via our online PGP tool. Using this method, no data is stored on our server (not even on our logs!).
Since the URL can be quite long (it depends on the lenght of your message and key), we provide an URL shortener feature. If you press the copy shortened URL button the encrypted message will be temporarily stored on our server (encrypted) and you will just have to copy and paste its minified version.
Shortened URL will espire after 72 hours and they are automatically disposed (deleted) after the first usage, moreover all the information are kept on volatile memory only (this is why you can shorten only messages not exceeding 10k characters).

Decrypt Data

You can now use your private key to decrypt some data. Insert the encrypted text into the below textbox and click the Decrypt button. The encrypted text will be replaced with the plain one and will be visible to anybody passing by and looking at your monitor; most probably you won't do this during a desktop sharing session too!

Sign Data

This has yet to be done, sorry!