Davide Dal Farra curriculum vitae

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General details

Family name:DAL FARRAGiven Name:Davide
Date of Birth:15-Aug-1981Gender:Male
Country of Nationality:ItalyCountry of Nationality at Birth:Italy
Web site:codref.orgPersonal web sitedavidedalfarra.it
Email address:me@davidedalfarra.it
Permanent address:[redacted]Phone number:[redacted]


Name of InstitutionCity, CountryTitle of the degree/diploma
Università degli studi di TorinoTORINO/ ItalyBachelor degree on information technology
Liceo Scientifico Alessandro VoltaTORINO/ ItalyScientific high school degree



(2021 - present) Chief Technology Officer
Evo Europe Limited
As CTO my responsibilities are extended to cover strategic and tactical areas involving not just the company’s infrastructure but also the product entire life cycle.
I work actively with the CEO and the Heads of Marketing and Sales to keep and maintain a sustainable but feature-rich product roadmap.
I work with investors and partners to provide them clarity and visibility over the complexity of Evo’s technology.

(2018 - 2021) Head of Infrastructure and Software Architect
Evo Europe Limited
As the Head of Infrastructure I was responsible for the design and administration of all company’s servers and networking infrastructures, while as a Software Architect I coordinated many development projects and provided guidance in coding techniques, data management and new technologies adoption.

(2020) Full stack developer and migration specialist
UNODA - United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs
In coordination with the UNODA New York branch, I coordinated the Geneva branch Lotus Notes website migration to Wordpress. The operation aimed to move, into the new system, thousands of web pages and documents which are going to be first reviewed and re-processed by a small team of junior analysts and web developers.

(2019) Full stack developer
UNODA - United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs
Within the framework of the “Article VII of the Biological Weapons Convention” project, I was responsible for the design and development of a “data visualization” and “process mapping” portal.

(2019) System administrator and full stack developer
UNICRI - United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
I was responsible for the refactoring of many Institute’s information services, including UNICRI’s servers and networking infrastructure.

(2017 - 2018) Full stack Drupal developer
UNODA - United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs
I’ve been responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of two online portals to support the Biological Weapon Convention (BWC) and Article X implementation.
The position required expertise in analysis of the requirements, project management, Drupal coding and Linux systems administration; this leaded to a set of user friendly but feature rich products which highly simplified the collaboration among UN States Members Parties and helped the Implementation Support Unit on its everyday duties.

(2012 - 2017) System administrator and full stack developer
UNICRI - United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
I’ve been responsible for UNICRI’s systems administration and Institute’s projects-related software design and development (when required by the task, with the coordination of other contractors and consultants).
The management of the networking and server infrastructure on a geographically distributed and fragmented environment (UNICRI has field offices and project staff deployed all around the globe) required troubleshooting skills and knowledge of the main networking protocols and their security best practices. At application layer this required expertise in configuring and managing Linux and Windows systems.

(2012 - 2019) Project manager, systems architect and software architect
codref* consulting (self employed)
I was responsible for the management of all company’s projects, which span from software analysis and development to networking and systems design and implementation. As a consultant I participated in many projects implementation, providing guidance in Open Source technologies adoption, information security and software engineering. The role required expertise in multiple programming languages and in systems administration (Linux and Windows), forcing me to continuous training and to new technologies research.

(2007 - 2010) System administrator and Full stack developer
UNICRI - United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
While operating under the direct guidance of the UNICRI Information Technology Officer, I provided assistance and support in systems administration and fulfilled development tasks for many Institute’s projects.

(2005 - 2007) Teacher
Valtec s.r.l.
I worked as teacher and professional trainer in entry level, intermediate and advanced Microsoft Certified Learning professional courses focused on the .NET framework, c# programming language and Windows Server system administration. In addition to teaching I had to organize the classes, structure the lessons and review the exercises. This made a significant contribution to my organizational and public speaking skills.


LanguageReadSpeakUnderstandWriteMother tongue


CertificationField of studyDate obtained
Microsoft Certified Application Developer.NET and C#14-Jul-2009


Given the amount of years spent as a systems engineer, developer, architect, etc, the list of skills would be quite long (and boring to read). Follows a short summary.

I’m a Linux enthusiast, so I’m proficient in both client and server Linux systems. I like very much the Linux architecture and philosophy, nevertheless I started on Windows in the years ’90s - therefore I matured a lot of experience on Windows systems as well.

I prefer compiled programming languages like Go and Rust (or C), but PHP rewarded me a lot in my early career. I think each language has a scope and might be better to achieve a specific goal. Python, for example, is extremely useful for a multitude of tasks, but if I have to rely on R or Javascript, I’m in as well (and I wont deprecate a programming language only because it’s old or less known).

Since we live in a containers world, k8s deployed via kubeadm, to me, is a good choice, but Docker Swarm works equally better in a number of scenarios.
I’m mostly focused on Open Source products and technologies.